hi. I'm jen!

I wholeheartedly believe in love, which is why I'll countdown to your wedding with joy and excitement, I'll likely cry while you're reciting your heartfelt vows, and I'll give you the biggest squeeze before the night ends because I just don't want the fun to end.


I've been a wedding photographer for over 12 years, and I've documented over 350 weddings. That's 350 of the best days ever, with out of this world amazing couples, their warm and welcoming families, and countless friends traveling from all over the world, to celebrate love. It doesn't get much better than that!


I'm married to the love of my life and my bestest friend. We met in jr. high school and remained friends until just a few years after graduation. As soon as I saw him again I knew that was it. Here we are 16 years later and we've built a life that continues to amaze me every day. Besides being my biggest supporter, he's also my second photographer! Handsome, supportive, creative, and he busts a move on the dance floor like no other. Believe me; I know how lucky I am.


Besides being a wife, I'm also a momma to these bright and beautiful girls right here (and my handsome step-son not pictured). I'm also a momma to four super sweet pups that I can't get enough of. Seriously, I'm kind of obsessed with them. Especially, our German Shepherd, Riley. She's just so perfect!


And because a biography isn't complete without a few fun facts, here you go!

  • I'm outgoing and bubbly with an infectiously positive personality.
  • When I'm not working, you can usually find me at home gardening or cooking. I'll admit it, I'm a Joanna Gaines wannabe for sure.
  • I dance almost every single day. It keeps me happy, and bonus, takes the place of cardio.
  • I believe a grateful heart changes everything. Yes, everything.
  • I LOVE music festivals and try to squeeze a few in each year.
  • I make a killer Alfredo sauce. Want the recipe?
  • If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I might just be a florist. Peonies are my favorite! Although, I have recently started a rose garden that I'm pretty proud of.
  • Madewell is my JAMMMMM.
  • And I think, wait, I KNOW I have the best job in the world.

I can't wait to meet you and learn all about you!





Photo by Danielle Poff.

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